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Date: 2014-08-15
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Who are some artists you draw inspiration from? I am always inspired by other artists. I wouldn't have a sound if it weren't for all the other artists I had learned from. Whether it be George Jones or Giorgio Moroder (my two tribute EP's I've been working on), or new bands like the ones i mentioned: Scott H Biram, Hellbound Glory, Black Mountain, Sturgill Simpson, Jack White even to black metal bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum. Then there's my whole life in country, my dad, my mom, Cash, Keith Whitely, Vern Gosden, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson, Kristofferson... Billy Don Burns. I'm always being inspired.
You mentioned you play video games, which ones are you into currently? As for video games: I love them! I play tons of old ones. I have a few arcade machines I've collected over the years. Street Fighter II, a Nintendo Red Tent, Time Traveler Laserdisc Game. I love old games. I even collect old PC's. I just bought an old 486 with DOS so i could play the old PC games like King's Quest, and Space Quest on them again.
Do u have a ftp server? I'd love to grab that, memories. I don't but i can pass it to you. Send me an email at [email protected] - i also have SQ1, LSL1, Codename: Iceman (one of my favorites) and a few others i can hightail to you.
I've recently become a huge fan of your music. Especially Hierophant. How is it possible that such a great record didn't get more attention? Do you attribute that to the music industry being lame, or is doing loads and loads of press just not your thing? Because that record is great. Thank you very much! 'Black Ribbons' will always be a crowning achievement for me. And I hope to really finish a project I've been working on for a long time that will be along those same lines. As far as the industry... at the time, they really weren't that interested in the album. When I finished it, I sent it to all the same kind of press outlets I used for my previous records for television and paper, and most of them felt it wasn't good to get behind. We had several television programs tell us it was "not tv-friendly" and we also had the BIGGEST of publications tell us they didn't want to get behind it. Also country radio protested advertising shows in any areas I had been in because I made a "anti-american" album. So i'm not too worried about it all... The lesson I learned is, once you put it out there, it has a life of it's own. I may not have made a lot of money off that album, but I've gotten the biggest opportunities of my life from people who were fans of that album. And I've gained the most loyal fan base I could ever ask for of Black Ribbons fans.
Do you feel you would be as successful as you are today if your dad had not had the success he has had? That's a hard question to answer. Considering, it's impossible to gauge this kind of thing... but I will say that my dad being who he is has certainly gotten me in some doors, but it has also created a lot of walls that a new artist with no family history doesn't have to scale. For instance, a lot of people have a pre-formed impression of me to begin with, so i have to work against that until they finally open up to try and figure out what I am about without him in the picture. another example is going out there under my name for the first, it''s very hard to delineate from the beginning who is there because they don't know anything but your music and like your music and that is is... some people come just because they like my dad, which I am grateful for, but they usually aren't very open to the risks that I take musically. So that can kind of work against me and frustrate me at times. But ultimately, i am very grateful for the life i have and for the father and mother i have...
Can you talk about your personal opinions on the Illuminati and NWO conspiracy? I've noticed you have been using alot more symbolism in your videos... Are you with their ideology or against it? Thanks a lot for the kind words. The Colonel rules for sure...
Also, You and Jon Hensley are two of the nicest dudes in the business... Please stay cool and humble as F**K! lol. I am not FOR the Illuminati and the NWO, that would be silly haha! I don't necessarily believe there is like 6 hooded dudes pulling all the strings, but I believe heavily that the media, and culture are controlled very strategically by groups of people tied to banks, congress, etc. Bilderberg is real, and there are a lot of shapes and forms of Bilderberg-type organizations in film, music, pretty much any profession. My opinion is do the RIGHT thing, do the RIGHT thing for your family first, your heart and your passion, and your friends. Cultivate that stuff, attempt to build your LOCAL community as much as you can, and ultimately, if someone is trying to force you to do something you don't want to do, especially if it goes against your personal beliefs, then you have ALL the right to speak loud in defiance. I read about all this stuff, and i try to tie other deeper messages into my music and artwork, so thank you for being someone that looked beyond the surface!
How do you feel about the smaller cryptocoin markets, in particular dodgecoin? I think that bitcoin is always going to be the important currency, and I wonder how the side-chain developing technology will affect the alt coin market, but i've spent my time on cryptsy and I have about 60k dogecoin sitting around. I built a script mining rig, kind of for fun, and mined for a while will it. But now the Scrypt ASICs are flooding the market and I've stuck with my bitcoin. But ultimately I feel like the community built behind dogecoin and litecoin as well as a few other stand-out altcoins is far much stronger and more real than say something like Etherium and Darkcoin. I just can't currently get behind these other currencies when obviously BTC and the block-chain are the backbone of this stuff, and Proof Of Work is still the only purely decentralized system of transaction confirmation.
Hey shooter. Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your music. I recently lost my dad and "it ain't easy" helped me get through some really tough times. Thanks for that song man. Can you please talk about what that song means to you? Thank you so much for saying that. "It Ain't Easy" was an emotional moment for me. We had had some great traction with the first record and my song "4th of July". When we had finished "Electric Rodeo", the cover of Hank Jr's "The Living Proof" was the last song on the record. We threw out our first single to radio and they threw it right back and told us they wouldn't play it. It just got me down, because I was hoping to really use our moment in the sun to influence the sound of country in a more open direction for all these other artists I'd become fans of... But they didn't, and it hurt in a way. Rejection or whatever... And in that moment I really wished my dad was around to talk to, so this was my way of talking to him. It means a lot to me when people say that song means something to them. It makes me feel like I got an answer back, you know what I mean?
Do you believe in God or practice any kind of religion? Your dad was always a very spiritual person from what I've heard... but not necessarily a big fan of organized religion. Was that the case? I'm pretty much the same way. I was raised in a Christian household because of my mom, but my dad never really participated in church or anything, and honestly i was just running away from it the minute i went. I hate dressing up and having to go act proper in a place. So that always makes me feel like i'm being held captive. but I do believe in a higher power, and I do believe, no matter what happens or what is out there, the moral decisions you make in your life affect the outcome of your children and the future of the world. I am also very deep into science, so i have a very rational mind when it comes to stuff in the bible etc, but i am infatuated by religion and i believe that we are all in good hands...
Shooter, loved you on the Joe Rogan experience and love your music. You talked about you and your dad watching horror movies so I want to know what are some of your favorite scary movies? Some of my favorites are The Shining, Beyond the Black Rainbow, The Objective... There's a lot but I can't think of them all! I rarely find one that scares me. The Innkeepers was great... Of course the classics like Poltergeist and the original slasher movies. I used to watch late night USA network when I was a kid and get a great bunch of B-Rate glory.
There's one that my dad woke me up late night to see one night. I never have found it. It was one of those "a bunch of people in a house during an insane rain storm and they keep getting killed one by one". All i remember is a scene with an old man who was missing and they found him in a closet covered in Bees or some kind of bug. Wish I could find this!
Growing up and currently did you have any contact with the highwaymen? I was 5 when the first Highwaymen tour happened and I had the good fortune of traveling with them, and again when I was around 10. Those families were very close to my heart, and us children all stay in touch. I will see Willie and Kris both from time to time, and they are so kind and supportive. I'm very proud of our friendships and to be part of that inner sanctum. Let me tell you this, that was about the most real group of people to put together on stage that ever existed. It's breathtaking to even look back on it. Of course, as a kid, i could have cared less, I wanted to find the closest arcade. So did the other kids, so ha!
*Loved the Southern Independent Vols 1-3!! * I still include many of the songs in my playlists. What would you say the impact of that project was and will you do it again? I really felt good about that and the XXX stuff we were doing. Even though opposition from camps of people who were more interested in protecting their value in the scene vs. helping the artists they "care so much fore" really drove it away, I got to know a lot of great artists that way and I've worked with a few of them in the studio. I think the best thing it did for me is make me aware of these bands and be able to not only be inspired by them, but help any way i can (whether it be playing them on the radio or just spreading the word among friends). Those collections are available as part of the BCR BAZAAR for free. If you want access to it, just email us at [email protected].
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